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"Wayne has been my financial advisor and planner since 2003. Over the years he has advised me on how best to invest my savings in a broad portfolio that takes advantage of tax sheltering investments. The goal of my investment portfolio was to provide me with a future retirement income with minimum tax payments and that milestone was finally reached this year. I look forward to continuing my financial relationship with Wayne and to seek his advice in all my financial investment matters."

- Mike

Our Advantage

As an independent financial services company, we have access to a wealth of products, and therefore can recommend the products that best suit your unique requirements and financial goals. Our firm was founded on the principle of putting our client's best interests first.

Selecting a financial planning firm or advisor is an important and very personal decision. We encourage you to investigate your options, and seek out the personalized service and attention that you deserve. We are confident that you will be fully satisfied with our experience, our independent, unbiased and customized approach to financial services.

A Different Kind of Firm

When Wayne Pollo established Retirement Planning Inc. in association with Global Maxfin Investments Inc., he chose to be an Independent Financial Planner because it allows for the greatest degree of customized service. Wayne and his team have access to an extensive alliance of Professional Investment Managers, which means that you will get the best financial products and services suited to your unique needs and goals.

Unbiased, Personalized Approach to Financial Services

You can be confident that we have no bias to any particular company, fund, investment platform, or insurance product. Unlike your local banking institution, we ensure that the best interests of our clients are always a priority because production quotas, commission, or special payouts do not tempt us. Our focus on Full-Circle Financial Planning based on each individual and paired with our experience and financial principles, allows us to offer personalized financial solutions and advice based on impartial, research and needs-based investigation. We personally practice our financial planning approach, which illustrates that our proven success will translate into your success. We seek to build successful, long-term relationships with our clients that are based on mutual trust.

Focus on Professional Development and Community Investment

We place a high importance on ongoing education to adhere to CFP regulations. Keeping current in the financial industry is a top priority, as this is how we can offer our client’s a wide range of financial products and services. We attribute our high level of education, experience and industry understanding as a defining feature of our high quality service.

We are committed to giving back to our communities, by committing time, capital, and resources to charitable causes. We believe our clients will thrive in communities where everyone has the opportunity to work, learn and succeed. A company that is involved and committed to improving its local community is one that our clients can expect to have longevity and loyalty to those we serve.

Why Choose a Financial Planner over a Do It Yourself Approach?

Financial Planners help investors moderate their buying and selling. When stock prices fall, these investors are able to take advantage of dollar cost averaging and lower their average cost per share. Instead of being tempted by daily fluctuations of the market, making irrational investment decisions, investors with financial plans stick to their course of action and are able to accomplish their goals.  We believe everyone does some form of financial planning, but wouldn’t you feel more confident about your financial future knowing that your financial goals are in the hands of a certified, experienced professional?

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